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Royal Canin Urinary Care Adult Dry Cat Food 4kg

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Royal Canin Urinary Care Dry Cat Food Assists In Maintaining Urinary Tract Health

  • Complete and Balanced nutrition, designed for healthy adult cats (1-7 years old) that do not have a urinary issue or a history of urinary problems

Urinary Health

  • Promotes a healthy urinary tract in healthy cats fed Royal Canin Urinary Care in just 10 days*
  • Helps maintain urinary tract health, with measurable scientifically proven results
  • Provides a balanced intake of minerals that assist in reducing the pH-value of the urine
  • Promotes a healthy urinary system with reduced urine concentration
  • Creates a urinary environment less favourable for the formation of urinary crystals
  • Fed exclusively every day, it can help to reduce the risk of urinary stones forming

 Muscle Health

  • Contains quality sources of lean protein for muscle maintenance


  • This food is not a replacement for a diet prescribed by your veterinarian
  • Suitable for neutered cats
  • For animal consumption only
  • *Royal Canin Internal Study
Royal Canin Urinary Care Adult Dry Cat Food 4kg

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