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Revolution Plus

Revolution Plus For Medium Cats 2.6-5kg 3 Pack/6 Pack

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Revolution Plus For Cats Is Effective Against Fleas Paralysis Ticks Heartworm Hookworm Roundworm Mites And Lice

The dual-action formula combines the power of selamectin and sarolaner in an easy-to-apply, low-volume monthly spot on to provide 6-in-1 protection against parasites


  • 60mg/mL selamectin, 10mg/mL sarolaner


  • A monthly topical solution for the treatment, control and prevention of fleas, for the treatment and control of paralysis ticks, roundworm, hookworm, ear mites and biting lice, and the prevention of heartworm disease in cats


  • Kittens under 8 weeks of age or weighing less than 1.25kg


  • Treatment, control and prevention of flea (Ctenocephalides felis) infestations for 5 weeks
  • Rapidly starts to kill fleas within 6 hours of administration and decreases the number of fleas by more than 95% within 24 hours of treatment
  • Breaks the flea lifecycle by killing adult fleas before they can lay eggs, therefore preventing the risk of future environmental infestation
  • Controls flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) with monthly treatment
  • Flea eggs and larvae in the cat’s surrounds are also exterminated


  • Treatment and control of paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) for 5 weeks
  • Begins to kill paralysis ticks within 24 hours after administration, is effective at killing new infestations within 48 hours, and kills over 95% of paralysis ticks within 72 hours of reinfestation
  • Daily searching for and removal of any ticks is recommended in peak tick season


  • For the prevention of heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis with monthly administration


  • Treatment and control of adult roundworms (Toxocara cati) with monthly administration


  • Treatment and control of adult intestinal hookworms (Ancylostoma tubaeforme)

Ear Mites and Biting Lice

  • Treatment and control of ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) and biting lice (Felicola subrostratus) – over 99% reduction in mites after a single dose

How is Revolution Plus Different to Revolution?

  • Ideal for cats in areas with a high tick and flea risk
  • Suited for cats that suffer from FAD
  • Appeals to owners with cats weighing over 7.5kg
  • For cats from 8 weeks of age
  • Twice as tough on fleas – adults, eggs and larvae
  • Dual-action formula with selamectin and sarolaner – for added protection against paralysis ticks

APVMA Approval Number: 87224/117795


  • The safety of the product has not been established during pregnancy and lactation or in animals intended for breeding


  • 60mg/mL selamectin, 10mg/mL sarolaner

Dosage and Administration

  • Apply one tube topically to the skin of the cat at the recommended minimum dose of 6 mg/kg selamectin and 1 mg/kg sarolaner once a month

Cat Weight

Pack Colour


Number of tubes per month

1.25 – 2.5 kg


0.25 mL


2.6 – 5 kg


0.5 mL


5.1 – 10 kg


1 mL


> 10 kg

Appropriate combination of tubes

Directions for use

  1. Press cap until you hear a ‘click’ – remove the tube from its protective package. Hold upright and press the cap to puncture the seal. Remove the cap to apply the product
  2. Part your cat’s hair on their neck so that the skin is visible and touch the tube tip on the skin. Squeeze tube 3 or 4 times in one spot
  3. Squeeze the tube to empty entire contents – keeping the tube squeezed, glide it along the skin and away from the liquid, then lift the tube off. Ensure the tube is empty before disposal

Flea Treatment, Control and Prevention

  • If your cat already has fleas before the first dose, adult fleas will be killed, and no viable flea eggs will be produced afterward, thus stopping flea reproduction
  • An environmental infestation of fleas may continue for a brief period after beginning treatment because of the emergence of adult fleas from pre-existing pupae
  • Large reductions in flea infestations are to be anticipated after treatment as flea eggs and larvae in surrounding areas are killed or prevented from developing to adults
  • For prevention and control of fleas, administer at monthly intervals throughout the flea season to ensure fleas are killed and no viable flea eggs are produced
  • This breaks the flea life cycle, controls and prevents flea infestations and improves the clinical signs associated with flea allergy dermatitis
  • It is recommended that all cats, dogs and other animals in the same environment are treated with an effective flea control product

Tick Treatment and Control

  • A single dose treats and controls paralysis ticks (I. holocyclus) within 72 hours of infestation for 5 weeks after treatment
  • Starts to kill paralysis ticks within 24 hours after the first treatment and is effective at killing new infestations within 48 hours
  • Monthly treatment may begin at any time of the year and should continue without interruption in areas where ticks are common year-round
  • During the tick season, daily searching for and removal of any ticks is recommended

Heartworm Prevention

  • For the prevention of heartworm disease, apply on a monthly basis
  • It may be applied year-round or at least within one month after the animal’s first exposure to mosquitoes and monthly thereafter
  • If a dose is missed and a monthly interval between dosing is exceeded, then immediate application and resumption of monthly dosing will minimise the chance of adult heartworm formation
  • When replacing a different monthly heartworm preventive product, the first dose of Revolution Plus must be given within a month of the last dose of the previous medication
  • May be safely applied to heartworm infected animals; however, all animals ≥ 6 months of age should be tested for existing heartworm infections before starting medication
  • This product is not effective against adult D. immitis, but it may reduce the number of circulating microfilariae

Intestinal Worm Treatment and Control

  • For the treatment of adult intestinal hookworms (A. tubaeforme) and adult roundworms (T. cati), apply as a single treatment
  • Monthly use will control hookworm and roundworm infections

Ear Mite Treatment and Control

  • A single dose is effective in treating ear mites (O. cynotis)
  • It is recommended to cleanse the infested ears to remove debris

Lice Treatment and Control

  • For the treatment of biting lice (F. subrostratus), apply monthly
  • Effective for 42 days post-treatment


  • Do not allow children to touch treated animals until the application area is completely dry
  • Wash hands after handling treated animals
  • Avoid touching eyes and face after using the product or after handling treated animals
  • Do not apply when the cat’s coat is wet
  • Dispose of empty tubes by wrapping with paper and putting in garbage
  • Keep product out of reach of children
Revolution Plus For Medium Cats 2.6-5kg 3 Pack/6 Pack
3 Pack - $50.99
  • 3 Pack - $50.99
  • 6 Pack - $84.99

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