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Lucy pro luxury pet house - Blue

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  1. With multiple accessories included, Lucy Pro Luxury pet house allows for endless customization and creativity, creating a big scene for your furry friend to explore and play in. 
  2. The addition of boards offers even more flexibility, allowing for unlimited DIY fun to create a space that's uniquely suited to your pet's needs.
  3. Fluffy carrot and fence add an immersive farm experience that will transport your pet to a different world.
  4. Educational treat toys increase interaction and provide mental stimulation for your pet.
  5. The perfect combination of rest, sleep, and play, ensuring that your pet is happy and healthy.
  6. Alleviate anxiety and boredom. 
  7. Easily detachable outer coat.
  8. A flat, short flannelette material that makes it difficult for bacteria to grow and is easy to clean, provides a healthy environment for your pet.
  9. Made with ultra-soft, breathable material that's cozy and comfortable. 
  10. Filled with three layers of different textured EPE cotton, providing support for your pet's bone structure.

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Lucy pro luxury pet house - Blue
Luxury pet house - $238.00
  • Luxury pet house - $238.00
  • Pet castle - $468.00

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