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Breeder Recommended - New Kitten Value Pack

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Value pack includes:

  1. Biodegradable Tofu Cat Litter Australia (2.5KG/6L)
  2. Large Open Cat Toilet High Side Container Cat Litter Box With Scoop
  3. Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food 2kg
  4. BRIDGE.DOG Pet Bowl*2 (Random Color)
  5. Revolution Plus For Kittens And Small Cats 1.25-2.5kg 1 Dose
  6. Milbemax Allwormer Tablets For Cats 0.5 To 2 Kg 2 Tablets Worm Treatment for Cat
  7. Royal Canin Mother And Babycat First Age Kitten Soft Mousse Trays Wet Cat Food 100g*2

Introducing BRIDGE.DOG: High-End Pet Supplies

BRIDGE.DOG aims at high-end pet lovers, who are looking for premium quality and absolutely stunning pet food bowls. The entire range is imported from Korea and handmade.

BRIDGE.DOG manufactures products that are harmless to animals and designed from the perspective of pets. Craftsmen, and visual and space designers in collaboration have been engaged in development and launch of Bridge.Dog products.

    Everything Your New Feline Companion Needs! 

      Breeder Recommended - New Kitten Value Pack

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