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Makesure Modern Cat Litter Box And Tray

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Product Description:

Compliments the Nordic interiors perfectly, the immaculate outlook of this cat litter box is irresistible. The magnetic suction cover ensures hiding your pet’s litter. A pull-out litter tray comes out like a drawer for ease of removal of litter. 

Please note that this litter box is specifically designed for smaller to medium-sized cats and may not be suitable for larger breeds like Maine Coons or Forest Cats.

  • [Award-Winning Design] - The MAKESURE cat litter box is an outstanding piece of ingenuity, cleverly hiding the litter, with a round entrance for cats to enter and exit, ensuring privacy. Magnetic lid and pull-out drawer design make cleaning cat litter easier, effortlessly open and drag the tray out to clean, keeping floors litter-free.
  • [Sophistication In A Box] - Drawable Design for Easier Cleaning. The litter tray of the cat litter box can be pulled out independently, making shoveling easier. Simply slide out, dump, and replace.
  •  [Hidden Storage Space] - The magnetic lid is equipped with a hidden little storage space. Hanging shovel and storage box can easily store cat litter shovel and garbage bags, making cleaning work more efficient and hassle-free.
  •  [Curved Filter Aisle to Reduce Litter Track] - MAKESURE cat litter box features an innovative grated step and curved filtering aisle, which can effectively prevent litter track.
  •  [Odor Blocking] - Ideal for cat owners who want top-notch odor control with MAKESURE enclosed litter box, it can be placed in any room of your home. The cat litter box uses advanced plastic technology to effectively block odors and provides a grooved aisle to gently wipe cats' paws when they leave.
  •  [Eco-Friendly Material] - MAKESURE cat litter box enclosure is made of top premium PP material, no smell, solid and long-lasting. The wooden feet are very sturdy and durable. Perfect for families with multiple pets, as it prevents dogs from eating cat poop

Colour: Blue Grey, Moss Green, Blue Green, White

Product Size: 60x38x45cm

Makesure Modern Cat Litter Box And Tray
Blue Grey - $115.99
  • Blue Grey - $115.99
  • Blue Green - $115.99
  • Moss Green - $115.99

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