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PIDAN Coffee & Bentonite Composite Cat Litter

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Product Description

PIDAN Coffee & Bentonite Composite Cat Litter combines 68% coffee tofu and 32% bentonite for effective odor control and quick clumping. It's eco-friendly, using recycled coffee grounds to mask odors and promote sustainability. The litter is safe, low-dust, and flushable, providing a convenient and eco-conscious solution for cat owners.

Benefits and Features

  • The real coffee aroma covers unpleasant odors.
  • Utilize recycled coffee grounds, promoting environmental sustainability.
  • The unique blend of coffee tofu and spherical bentonite cat litter offers superior odor absorption and fast clumping, preventing litter box adhesion.
  • Made from high-quality bean dregs without added fragrances, has stronger water absorption.
  • It can be flushed into a toilet.


Bean Dregs, Starch, GuarGum, Bentonite, Coffee Grounds



PIDAN Coffee & Bentonite Composite Cat Litter
Single Pack-2.4kg/6L - $16.19
  • Single Pack-2.4kg/6L - $16.19
  • 9.6kg/4Packs - $57.50
  • 28.8kg/12Packs - $161.90

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